Harry Merritt

Harry Merritt was an architect and a Professor Emeritus of the College of Architecture at the University of Florida, where he taught architectural design for thirty-five years. During his life time Harry designed over eighty buildings in Europe, Central America, Japan, and here in the United States. Harry’s basic design philosophy was that architecture is space and that the space generates the form. Therefore, the ability to draw space is critical to those who design spatially. The perspective drawing is the only drawing that even comes close as an accurate representation of this design methodology.

Ben Jacks

Ben Jacks is an architect, writer, and teacher, holding degrees from the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Stonecoast MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Southern Maine. He is an Associate Professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In 1991 Ben walked the Appalachian Trail, 2000 miles from Georgia to his home state of Maine. The experience of walking and camping inspired and continues to inform his thinking and writing about architecture, aesthetics, landscape, and place, which has been published in leading journals and presented at numerous academic conferences in the North America and Europe. He is the author of The Architect’s Tour: Notes for the Design Traveler (Culicidae Architectural Press). He lives with his family in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Deer Isle, Maine.

C. Arthur Croyle

C. Arthur Croyle is Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Integrated Studio Arts at Iowa State University. He taught classes in foundations, drawing, painting, graphic design, and design history. His professional activity has kept him engaged as an artist, graphic designer, and historian. His grandfather, Max Hertwig, impressed an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all of the visual and design arts upon him. He lives and works in Ohio.

Francesco Careri

Francesco Careri is an architect and a co-founder of Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade, an artistic and nomadic research group, which in 1995 started a series of walks in Rome and in various European and American cities, exploring the system of interstitial voids of the urban archipelagos. Careri is Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at Roma Tre University, where he explores an itinerant approach to teaching through the Civic Arts laboratory, an entirely peripatetic structured course which is conducted by walking, getting lost, wasting time and interacting in situ with the emerging phenomena of neglected urban areas. Actually, he works on the living conditions of Roma People in Italy and Europe, and the hospitality of migrants and refugees. He is director of the Masters degree in Studi del Territorio / Environmental Humanities, and his main publications are the books Constant. New Babylon, una Città Nomade, Testo & Immagine, Torino 2001; Pasear, detenerse, Gustavo Gili, Barcelona 2016, Sao Paulo 2017, and with Lorenzo Romito, Stalker/Campus Rom, Altrimedia edizioni, Matera 2017.

Daniel Naegele

Daniel Naegele is an architect and associate professor of architecture at Iowa State University. A graduate of Yale University and of the Architectural Association in London, he completed his dissertation, Le Corbusier's Seeing Things: Ambiguity and Illusion in the Representation of Modern Architecture, under the supervision of Joseph Rykwert at the University of Pennsylvania in 1996. His writings on Le Corbusier, Wright, Kahn, Duchamp, Picasso, and on architectural photography have been translated to seven languages and published throughout the United States and in the UK, Western Europe, New Zealand, and Korea. Naegele wrote theses on Colin Rowe at the AA and at Yale University. His analyses and reviews of Rowe's writing have been published in Harvard Design Magazine and elsewhere.

Brian Delford Andrews

Brian Delford Andrews received his BArch from Tulane University and his March from Princeton University. As an undergraduate student he studied in London at the Architectural Association for a year. Andrews is a registered architect and has continually practiced while teaching. He received the Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Traveling Fellowship, and has taught at the University of Virginia, Syracuse University, and the University of Southern California. He served both as the Robert Mills distinguished Professor at Clemson University and as the Hyde Chair of Design Excellence at the University of Nebraska. He is currently a professor at the University of Memphis. Brian Andrews’ projects, drawings and writings have appeared in various journals, including Architecture, Modulus, Architecture Boston, and the Journal of Architectural Education. He co-authored Architecture, Principia Architectural Principles of Material Form with Gail Peter Borden. He recently published Rationalism and Poetry, Guiseppe Terragni’s Asilo D’Infanzia Sant ‘Elia. Andrews has exhibited at numerous universities including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Texas.

Lassi A. Liikkanen

Lassi A. Liikkanen is a lead digital product designer at Qvik Ltd. (Finland) and an adjunct professor at Aalto University (Finland). He earned his Ph.D. in Design in 2010 from Aalto University School of Engineering. He has more than ten years of design and research experience from the US and Europe and has published more than eighty peer-reviewed research papers. For several years he worked in the Finnish industry, helping medium and large enterprises launch and improve digital services. Since 2015 he has deployed ideas from service and experiential design in Finnish sauna design, writing books, a blog, and helping to design saunas.