Croyle – Hertwig: The Zelig of Design

New Second Edition! C. Arthur Croyle’s Hertwig: The Zelig of Design is an illustrated biography that traces the life and career of graphic designer Max Hertwig (1881-1975) through the most fascinating and formative years of his burgeoning profession. Hertwig worked at the beginning of the 20th century with and for such […]

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Careri – Walkscapes

Walkscapes: Walking as an Aesthetic Practice by Francesco Careri was originally published in a dual-language Spanish/English edition in 2002, and republished in 2012 (only in Spanish) both times by Editorial Gustavo Gili, SL in Barcelona. When Careri gave a lecture about his research on walking and its impact on contemporary culture and […]

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Harry Merritt – Perspective

About the Book A book that teaches hands-on perspective drawing using the projected image method developed by architect and former University of Florida architecture professor Harry Merritt. The book includes detailed instructions on how to generate one-, two- and three-point perspectives. With many illustrations and a Preface by Culicidae Architectural […]

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