Careri – Walkscapes

Forthcoming this Fall

This fall we will publish Francesco Careri’s Walkscapes: Walking as an Aesthetic Practice, which was originally published in a dual-language Spanish/English edition in 2002, and republished in 2012 (only in Spanish) by Editorial Gustavo Gili, SL in Barcelona. In 2016 our editor, Mikesch Muecke, lived and worked in Rome from January through April, and there he met Francesco who was giving a lecture about his research on walking and its impact on contemporary culture and society. One thing led to another, and soon both Mikesch and Francesco were discussing the possibility for an English-only reissue of the book. After negotiating with Editorial Gustavo Gili during the fall of 2016 we’re now in the production process and look forward to have review copies out to readers by the end of September. Street date is planned for November 30.